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Clip-Knix Classic


You’ll love our Classic clip-on underwear. Our take on the classic bikini knickers would fit right in at any major department store. These clip-on underwear with floral lace designs are the modern option for those who are fashion-conscious.

Choose between our two methods of fastening – hooks or buttons, depending on your preference.

Clip-Knix Traditional


For the more traditional buyer, the aptly-named Clip-Knix Traditional is a full brief style. These feature a higher waistband and thicker material to give you more comfort and support.

To look and feel your best, you need the right support. You can customise the look of these knickers, with a choice of five different colours and two styles.

As with all our underwear, you can choose between button fasteners or hooks.

Clip-Knix Standard


Understated and effortlessly stylish, our Standard clip-on knickers offer excellent comfort and practicality.

This design is based on the Brazilian knicker. These sit low on your hips with a cutaway at the back.

You can make them your own by choosing a colour that matches you and picking between hook or button fasteners.

Clip-Knix clip-on underwear is a simple and stylish solution for wearers, it can be worn and taken off with incredible ease!

No more Stretching. Bending. Reaching. Struggling. Simply fasten and unfasten our patented* clip-on underwear and get get on with living your life the way you want.

We understand the difficulty you have to deal with when you have reduced mobility. That is why we’ve come up with an exquisite range of clip-on underwear that is designed for the sole purpose of making living simple.

It is an added bonus that they look great, too. They are comfortable and made with delightfully soft, stretchy material that fits you perfectly.

Whilst the first range launched is aimed at the female market, Clip-Knix is designed for anyone and Clip-Knix will be expanding the range to include swimwear options.

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