Why Clip Knix™

Whilst the idea for Clip-Knix was created in the early-2000’s, Clip-Knix itself was born in 2018.

I recognised that people with limited mobility were experiencing totally unnecessary difficulties when dressing.

I wanted to create a solution that would Make Living Simple.

This is when I started developing our revolutionary product. Needless to say, spending over a decade working on this meant that I took my time!


clip on underwear blue

Initial Concept

I’d like to say the idea was a flash of brilliance that worked instantly, but the truth is that developing this product took time, love and a lot of care.

Human and ergonomic factors were taken into account at every step.

I slowly worked our way towards a product that would remove the need for bending or stretching when dressing.

Intelligent and Empathic Design

In collaboration with Innovate Product Design based in Salisbury, Clip-Knix focused on designing and manufacturing a practical yet fashionable underwear solution for both sexes that negated the need to bend or stretch when dressing. 

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Product Description

Our design and research teams worked relentlessly. It was a seemingly non-stop process of ‘design, test, improve and test again’.

This wasn’t just about creating a practical product. Very often, these types of products look boring and feel uncomfortable. We wanted to give you something that was comparable to what you find in a high street fashion shop.

The result is underwear that can be fastened in the front without the need for bending or turning sideways.

 The range will revolutionise the lives of many people by:

  • Offering stylish underwear that is easy to use
  • Preserving independence
  • Maintaining dignity
  • Reducing the risk of injury
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About the Company

Funmi (centre), with the Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor for business, October 2019



I was  born in the UK and had a stroke soon after childbirth at the age of 35. I experienced first-hand how reduced mobility can rob an individual of independence and dignity. I couldn’t walk, bending down was painful and putting on underwear felt like a battle.  I saw a chance to help people with limited mobility and has spent 16 years designing and testing clip-on knickers that will ultimately transform the lives of millions. The designs and the trademark are registered in the UK and worldwide. Is going through patent at the moment.

 Company Registration: 11573533


The priority market for Clip-Knix is for those with limited mobility. However, during the R&D process we identified that the product would also be beneficial for anyone who needs to discreetly change in less-than-accommodating locations, such as an airplane bathroom or whilst hiking up a mountain. Careful and robust research has informed the development of a highly effective and attractive range of underwear that will ultimately work for everyone.


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